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Did you know there is safe affordable housing in NYC just for models!

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One of the most important things an aspiring model needs to do when relocating to NYC or any large market is get safe, affordable housing.

Modeling The Right Way provides a resource for you to apply for safe housing options specifically created for models who wish to work in New York. Whether for a short stay of a couple months, or are looking to move to the city full-time to pursue their careers.

Model housing is also a perfect solution for any model who is moving to the city and needs a 'stepping stone' in getting an apartment on their own in New York.

What is Model Housing?
Good Model Housing is a safe, more affordable way to live in New York City as you pursue your modeling career.

Our Model Housing program is a great way to get established in NYC, try city living without the commitment of a long-term lease, and live with people who are working in the same industry as yourself while you start (and continue) your career!

Our Model Housing also provides a housing coordinator who enforces house rules and safety regulations (and for younger models, live-in supervision) to create a safer, easier work and living enviornment.

What Can I expect in Model Housing?

In New York City:
Model housing is dorm style living with 5-7 models sharing fully furnished apartments in a luxury building with 24 hour security, concierge service and plenty of amenities including: terraces, wifi-media lounge, full spa and gym - even yoga and pilates classes. Steps away from all of the culture, shopping and action that NYC has to offer. Each apartment has a housing coordinator who assists the models with everyday needs.

How long is my stay?
Models accepted into the program can stay as little a couple months or as long as they like. Some models in the program may end up staying only a short while if travelling internationally and domestically for assignments. Most working models use this a stepping stone to getting a roommate or two and renting their own apartment once they are established.

What you need to bring?
Clothing and Toiletries are all you really need to bring with you - the apartments are fully furnished and ready for living - beds are twin-size, and most people prefer to bring their own bedding. Living is light, so you can be free to jet off to whatever destination you may be off to as you embark on your exciting career!

Do I have to be signed with a specific (or any) agency to get model housing?
Definitely not. Most models who are accepted into the program will be offered an agency contract and assignments. However, models who have been accepted by any agency or are looking to work non-exclusively may apply as well.

Who Can Apply for Model Housing?
Any Model or aspiring Model can apply for our model housing. All applications and photos will be reviewed by Agency Owner Cynthia Saldana. Models who are chosen for the program will then be contacted and an interview will be set up with the model (and parents if the model is under the age of 18). Due to a limited number of spaces in the program, only a small number of models can be placed at a time. Models can re-apply for housing, but should not apply more than once in any 60 day period.

How will I know if I'm Accepted into the Model Housing Program?
All models who are accepted into the program will be notified within 3 weeks of submission. Models may re-apply, but we ask that only one submission be made every 60 days.

Model Housing - A Comparison:

  Finding Your Own Apartment Our Model Housing Program
Deposit and Fees: 2 months rent (deposit + broker fee) $150 Deposit (no broker fees)
Rent: $1500 - $3000 / month $1350 / month
Lease Requirement: 1 - 5 year lease required no lease
Credit Check: extensive credit check no credit check
Furnishings: none (or extra fee for furnishings) furnished at no extra cost
Utility Payments: may or may not be included all included

We have several apartments in New York City - but space is limited!

Apply Now for Model Housing